About the Brand

JUANICU is a lifestyle brand from the Philippines run by talented and skilled Filipina women. We take pride in ensuring the best quality we can offer by using only the finest fabrics and maintaining fair labor practices (no sweat shops, no underpaid & exploited workers!). Each piece is uniquely hand made in-house so we produce limited runs per size, colour, and style. 

Our designs are mostly classic cuts made more modern. Our goal is simple - to create pieces that are easy to wear and easy to love, pieces women can wear again and again, and pieces that can last through the test of seasons and ever-changing trends.
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When you buy from us, you are supporting not only our small business, but also the slow fashion movement. We hope that in little ways, we are able to promote fashion made more ethically so you can wear our pieces with pride, knowing that the very people who made them are treated fairly and with respect. ♡